Hello, I am glad you clicked on my website. I am a practicing Astrologer and offer individual consultations via e-mail, telephone or in person. I have worked with clients all over the world, some of whom I have never met but know well from their charts.

I give readings for medical/health questions, relationship/compatibility questions, re-location, career changes, fertility and conception. I also give astrological advice on what colors, sounds, tastes, and feng shui are best for you. Last but not least, I advise people on the creative talents indicated in a chart.

A reading lasts over an hour and can be arranged on the phone or in my New York office. After we get to know each other, clients may arrange half hour sessions or ask questions via e-mail.

Some clients prefer to work on a “retainer” basis and pay for astrological advice for a certain period of time. When we make this kind of arrangement the fee is based on how long I track your stars.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my Astrological Oracle with you.

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